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  • We rank your uploads by sending targeted likes to them minutes after they reach Instagram.
    This will rank them to the top spots and attract genuine people to your account.
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We offer the best growth method available

Our proprietary growth method is the best in the industry.
Because we do not need your login information, there is zero risk for your account.

Ranks your content

We rank your Instagram posts by supplying high quality likes right after you upload.

Fully Automated

Just set it up once and forget about it. We will detect new posts from your account and automatically send likes to it.

Zero Risks

We don't need your account password and you can cancel anytime.

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Build your brand with us

We have the most advanced solution in the industry to grow your Instagram account.
With our method you will be able to get more genuine followers quickly and easily to your account. No matter if you represent a brand or just like to upload awesome pictures, we will get you seen on Instagram!

Targeted growth

Fully Automated

Only Real Accounts

We make you popular by ranking your content

There are thousands of services out there that promise you to grow your Instagram account. All they do is sending you botted fake likes and followers. This ultimately leads to the descruction of your account because those fake likes do nothing for you and those fake followers kill your engagement.

Our service aims to rank your content to the top spots on Instagram like the explore page. Instagram is an advanced system with hundreds of checks. They know very well if a like is real or not and if they determine it is not, they will shadow ban your account.

We provide every aspect of a legitimate like which is why our likes will really rank your uploads. We have a one of a kind method and because of that we are the industry leader in growing your account quickly and effectively. We push your content to the top spots!

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Our pricing plans

We offer several different packages depending on your needs. You can control the speed in which the likes get sent.
Depending on your account topic you might need a bigger package to hit the explore page.



  • 250 - 325 Auto Likes

  • No password required

  • Works automatically

  • Unlimited uploads

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  • 500 - 625 Auto Likes

  • No password required

  • Works automatically

  • Unlimited uploads

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  • 1000 - 1550 Auto Likes

  • No password required

  • Works automatically

  • Unlimited uploads

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Why choose BitBiz

Real Accounts

We only use real Instagram Accounts to deliver our services.

Works Automatically

You just need to upload, we take care of the rest.

Easy to use

Everybody can use our system. Set it up once and forget about it.

Ranks your uploads

Our service boosts your posts on Instagram so they hit the explore page.

Fast and powerful

You start to receive likes minutes after you upload. You can set the speed yourself.

Works in the cloud

Our service works in the cloud, you don't have to run anything on your computer or smartphone.

Easy to get started

01 Choose a Plan

Select one of our plans that fits you best. The more competitive your niche, the bigger your package should be.

02 Upload a Media

After order completion we constantly scan your account for new uploads. Simply upload a new media to Instagram.

03 We take it from there

We detect the media within 5 minutes and send the ordered amount of likes in a natural way. This will boost it to the explore page!

True words from our customers

We pride ourselves in the great customer reviews we received. Take a look for yourself!

John Kramer

BitBiz has helped me a lot to get more exposure on Instagram since I'm using it. Now I cannot imagine living without it.

Anna Aston

I've been looking for methods to grow my Instagram profile for years without success. BitBiz finally helped me reach my goals and I'm happy!

Maria Kate

At first I could not believe it but it really works. It put my posts to the explore page which gave me many new followers.

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